A Step to a New Web, The Metaverse – Adventure Corporation, Imagineality Partnership

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For the past month, I’ve been an advisor to the Adventure Corporation working on a product that will traverse the web. Their lead product is a 3D platform built on top of A-frame that embodies WebVR at its core and the Metaverse in its lineage. It’s called the Metaverse Navigator and it will enable creating and mining a shared experience on the immersive web. It pilots a whole new informational dimension called WebSpheres.

These WebSpheres are extensions of the existing web into 3D spaces (explored here) that have a default collaborative filter, built in social search, and offer goal specific immersion. Whats great about these spheres is that Adventure Corporation made them accessible by a browser through the hyperlinking of a URL. Click this link to be taken a WebSphere and check it out for yourself–>(http://www.adventure.gold/room/Welcome )

As you can see the ease of access lowers the entry barrier for WebVR and can increase the participation for web users to generate, experience, and give feedback through these web spheres.

Here are some other cool things you can do with the Metaverse Navigator.

Location Tagging

As you might have noticed the Link from above took to an exact location within the Websphere. You can do the same as well click the link below and you will be teleported to ‘Art Space’.

Here are some of my favorite albums. Find one you like the best move towards it at any angle. Now click the map icon on the bottom and there will appear a URL. Copy cut and paste. Then you should be taken to the exact location at which you first clicked it. Now you try it


Create Spaces

Not only can you traverse and link to other WebSpheres, but you can create your own. On the bottom right click the icon that looks like a little room. There a dialogue box will appear where you can name your space(e.g type in your name). Click ‘Add Room’ and voila you should be teleported to another space.

Then, above check your URL address and you will see that the name of your space is located at the end.

Link media/Add 3d objects

Now that you’ve created your own you fill it with content parallel and orthogonal to your interests. First, you can copy and paste a URL from any site.

For instance, use this link to an article on Medium (https://medium.com/@garyvee/how-to-start-cbde0a1de463 ) Next, you can upload images or gifs from the icon that looks like a square with a + to the side of it. Lastly, you can add 3D objects here I’ve attached a simple 3D model you can download and re-upload.


Collaboration is an area that is still under exploration but very exciting. Over the past years, few have emerged the use of new collaboration tools such as Gdocs, Sheets, etc. Putting something as simple as a placing a document in the cloud for others to see and work on in real time has proven revolutionary for productivity. It has greatly reduced the friction for teams to work on projects simultaneously.

Now imagine the possibilities of working within WebSpheres. We predict that both consumers and businesses will create meaningful productivity and creativity beyond a scale we can’t even begin to imagine.

The Start of Something Big

Although you may be thinking that WebSpheres may not seem like much now, stop for a second and just think. Imagine what the first web page must have looked through the Mosaic browser. You might have dismissed it as nothing potentially worth it. WebSpheres are in the same position right now.  It’s still early but they offer something truly new once filled with the delivery of free, interesting, community-created content. I believe they have subjective use cases, but objective capabilities that will subsume the 2D flat spaces found on the web of today. And most importantly they’re steel and concrete and with that, we will build high.

The Adventure Corporation has ambitious plans for the immersive web and layout of the Metaverse. Michael Hoydich, founder of Adventure Corporation is at the helm of the Metaverse Navigator. Mike is a solid leader filled with a ton of passion and vision dedicated to building out the immersive web. The team consists of a few talented people working towards the same goal. Together we’ve been exploring a lot of concepts and ideas that I truly believe will improve our relationship to the internet.


Adventure Corporation, Imagineality Partnership

Following with so more exciting news is that Imagineality will be one of the first media publishers in the Metaverse. Adventure Corporation will help with the transition in the following weeks, and I look forward to sharing more content soon.

To sum it up, the Metaverse Navigator is a pilot of the immersive web and the on-ramp to becoming a browser of the Metaverse. If you have any questions or want to be apart of the project feel free to reach out.

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