Mixed Reality Notifications

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Our technological lives have become filled with buzzes and alerts. Whether its devices such as our phones or the washing machine, notifications have become a name stay in our routine of operation. Now notifications in mixed reality need to extend into dimensional information. It’s not just a fancy interface change, its purposeful reimagining of how we will be presented with the next wave of products and services. A notification domain with AI capable of accessing multiple channels of information and then placing it into the context of our geospatial world. These are just some preliminary concepts that demonstrate only specific use cases.  Enjoy these mixed reality notification concepts, and feedback is always appreciated.

Message Board

Mixed reality tech has the capability of occlusion. Entire signs and billboards can now become extra screen space personally tailored to a user’s notifications. For this instance, a street advertisement is replaced as a text alert. When looked upon a text dialogue opens with a friend being invited to a bar. The UI swiftly presents google maps to indicate how the proximity of the bar to the user.


The patternation of physical objects was discussed an early post. It allows for physical objects to be re-skinned with a perfectly tracked overlay. Repatternation is also great for pushing in a less conventional style.  For example, say a user is subscribed to r/Castles on Reddit.  As shown above, Amazon Alexa could reskin as a castle turret and present 3 new posts from the subreddit.

 Aerial notifications

Information can be presented in a calm manner. Not every notification needs to demand a user’s attention. For example, info that is somewhat of relevancy such as stock tickers can be wrapped around a subtle and slow rising hot air balloon. If the user gives attention to the balloon it will show more stock updates, and then eventually will open the app. If no attention is delivered then vice verse will happen with balloon simply drifting away.

Package from Above

Continuing off the idea of calm alerts, what if notifications didn’t come in front of you but from above. Imagine having a snap chat parachute down and landing beside you. It doesn’t demand to be opened as it can be left with others soon following it.

Updates by the Cup

The average person drinks about 3.2 cups of coffee a day. So it’s safe to say that a coffee cup is an object of importance to the users that do drink it. So why not put important information such as world news there.

Novelty Magic

Not all notifications need to be direct. Some can have a sense of novelty to them as well. As seen above a youtube update is delivered through a vintage television set. Novelty notifications can vary based upon age groups.  So let’s say you put a classic mailbox, and email looks like letters. That would be understandable for some, but not for anyone born later than 2005 they’ve never seen letters or mailboxes. I truly want more “harry potter” style magic, like a mix of muggle stuff with mixed reality magic.

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