iPhone X Concepts

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Later this year apple is expected to release a new iPhone. It has been 10 years since the first iPhone was released, with anticipation that this year’s iPhone could divert from the standard cycle. Jumping pass the 7s we could see an iPhone 8, but for now, we’ll call it iPhone X. Leading to a major evolution in the iPhone series, the phone will contain a new ‘organ’ so to speak in order to open a space for new killer apps. This space is likely mobile AR.

There is evidence that the new organ will be a revolutionary 3D camera system that could elevate the IOS platform to new levels. The user experience will contain dramatic changes centered around mobile augmented reality. Putting it ahead 2 years ahead of the competition.

The design features a full-screen OLED display that wraps around the face of the phone, therefore eliminating bezels. As speculated the home button, facetime camera, and speaker could theoretically be moved beneath the screen.  Formulating a game-changer for smartphone design aesthetics. Previous iPhones look ancient when compared to the iPhone X. The back of the phone could see a smart connector for more accessories. And most importantly a change in the camera module design and position.

This is just the exterior design of the phone. Let’s take a look at what could be on IOS 11

Raise to AR

Today we have to look at the state of mobile AR. Specifically the user pipeline of accessing a mobile AR app.

  • User pulls out their phone
  • open an app
  • point their point towards a targeted location
  • engage with while continuing to point their phone in the same direction
  • do it again next week

This is not going work. We need to make a quickdraw solution to bypass that entire pipeline to increase user engagement.

Raise to wake was introduced in response to users zooming by their lock screens upon touch ID entrance. This a gradient feature that could eliminate our pipeline. Using push notifications, and location-based tracking a user could raise their phone to enter a specific AR experience being requested by the app. The iPhone X could contain more advanced accelerometer chip to detect user hand motion for raise to AR.

Next Gen Mobile AR

The iPhone X could truly execute on a new formula bringing a new generation of mobile AR. Highly detailed FX images with insanely good SLAM tracking. Apple will most likely release a new SDK to encourage an explosion of new AR related apps and user enhancements. Apple certainly isn’ the first to augmented reality, but will be the best.

AR Siri

Following off of Gabor Balogh’s design concepts, apple could integrate AR into Siri quite well. Siri would have the ability to listen to voice commands and give feedback in context with the world around you. This could be a huge evolutionary step for mobile voice assistants.


iPhone Xs camera will have a step up in terms of depth tracking. Every pixel on a photo can be tagged and cataloged. One possible feature would allow a user to take in or out entire objects from a photo. Thus bringing powerful photoshop tools right to your hand. In this example, a vase could be taken out of the photo and converted to an accurate 3D model. This would be a game-changer for designers.

iPhone X could adopt imaging modes similar to that of a lightfield camera. It would allow for the dynamic focusing and refocusing of images. It would certainly be a welcome addition to users who have troubling focusing. An interesting possibility would be focusable movies with responsive tactile controls in real time. 


In 2015 Apple acquired real-time facial capture and animation company named Faceshift. Faceshifts software allows for accurate capture of facial expressions and animates them onto a virtual avatar in real time. This provides an immense potential for AR and VR. Face filters have become immensely popular with snapchat’s lenses, and now facebook is making a play with their new camera effects platform.  This year we’ll most likely see a play from Apple, with them bringing face filters to another level.

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