Let’s Dive into the Parallel Universe

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Event discovery is a piece of cake nowadays. But guess what you can’t physically visit all of your favorite events together. When Mixed and Augmented Reality becomes a well known and daily used technology, we’re going to see distant things happening right in front of us all the time. Which I suspect will change our tendency towards visiting real world events. We’ll only prefer to go somewhere when we’re really required to. Which will save a lot of energy and time spent in transportation

First of all we are not used to distant things happening right in front of us, for example the way we perceive some event happening distant from our current location is what I call a tenth person perspective which means the information is altered in many different ways as well as it’s late in time and what that does is it makes our brain perceive the event with lesser intimacy and hence we don’t establish a strong connection between our current actions and the event. But when you’ll start seeing events happening in front of you in real time making you feel like you’re actually witnessing the event, believe me, everything’s going to change.

Imagine if what we see can be geometrically confined as a sphere, basically, a sphere of pixels is what we can look at, at a particular time. Now the sphere of pixels that we look at is made out of our local reality for eg. If I’m sitting in my living room I’m looking at a sphere of pixels made out of the things and the structure of my living room but what if we could cut this sphere of pixels into multiple vertical pies and replace some of them with other people’s vertical pies of their own sphere of pixels. It’ll be like Google hangout in 360-degree view. Now you’ll be able to not only witness your reality but also your friend’s reality or the reality of someone standing on mars right now.

This is just one case of altered vision but there are going to be many of these in future and what this signifies is that technologies like AR, MR and VR are not only new platforms but they are going to be new ways of looking at this same world and when you see our world in a new way, you ultimately see a new world just like very long ago some guy looked at the wood in a new way and saw a wheel out of it!
Article by Ajit Patil 

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  1. Article by Ajit Patil (as stated at the end) or Graham Atlee (as stated in byline)??

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