Breaking into a New World with AR

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In the actual world, if there is a field where people have stopped too early, it’s augmented reality.
Indeed, why always keep the furniture, the ceiling or the walls? My concept doesn’t propose walls or others like windows to the virtual. It proposes a real open world and none of the items in the room will bore you.
The software will use the room lines of perspective as a reference in addition to the tracking to hide furniture and give you the impression to be in a bare room.
So I can watch my AR movie but if I turn my head I want to still see my glass of soda, my friends, or my girlfriend.
The solution is a limit fixed conveniently at 1m50 you will have the possibility to modify the distance.
Beneath this distance, all is still visible, as well as items situated behind you and at the requested distance, a fade out will bring you the AR.
So now I can watch an AR movie in a cinema bigger than the room and at the same time look after my little brother playing behind me. Another possibility would be to bend these lines, to curve walls to create an open world with infinite possibilities.
The concept can be applied to video games. You will have the possibility to place your play area where you want, with the angle that you want. It will be possible in any environment and you will have the choice to choose the scale of the AR while playing, which brings you an incredible zoom.  Another utilization would be to extend virtually existing surfaces, for example, a desk.This extension would have the shape of a ramp or any revolution surface. Corners could be replaced by curved area working as holographic screens.
An artificial cliff can be created to give the impression of a drop in front of the user’s feet or half of a desk/table. It also opens the field of view allowing the interface to be used in VR as well.
Forget your tables, forget your screens! The players of tomorrow will have before them their keyboard and mouse (real or virtual), and the open world granted to them by the AR.

Article By Johan Godfroid; Pierre Godfroid

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