2017 is Not the Year of Mixed Reality, Heres Why…

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2017 is the not the “year of mixed reality”, in matter of fact its not really the year of anything. Instead, we should take this time to really figure out how we are going to prepare for when that year comes. A good consumer device is still a one or two years away. And when it does release there needs to be content and killer apps ready to go. This is partially where virtual reality made that mistake. There was little to no preparation for good content that made people want to buy a VR headset. The user interface, type of content, user experience and how interactions will take place need to be figured out. Mixed reality is like an endless dream technology but we actually have to take the steps to live the dream. These are four main pillars that should be focused on for 2017.


There are 3 areas in communication that need to be explored:

  1. Mixed Reality Avatars– a digital representative that takes over while you are absent and handles non-priorities in both digital and physical ways.
  2. Messaging UIs– New UIs that intelligently conveys emotion with text. Go beyond the standard bubbles.
  3. Holoportation- The equivalent of 3D face timing. Will be a popular choice for enhanced/extreme collaboration.


MR offers the chance to build the TV of our dreams.

  1. Fully Internet connected– capable of streaming torrents. Brings forth information the user needs.
  2. Highly responsive–  content and display size changes based on user movement and room size. switches between 2D and 3D when necessary. Optimized for every user in the room.
  3. Interactive–  A Tv show can have themes a user can download that will alter the physical environment.
  4. AI Intelligence–  Understands the reality of human behavior when watching a show or movie. It can figure out your habits and eliminate the bad ones.


Mixed reality gaming can be divided into 4 categories.

  • 3rd person– strategic tabletop gaming.  (Ex. Minecraft, Legos)
  • 2nd person- Directly Involves other players and the use of storytelling in the local environment. (Ex. Host a murder)
  • 1st person-  Gaming experiences adaptive to the real world environment. Involves totems and the user is the player.
  • Gamification- Eventually everything you do in the physical will have an impact on your gaming life in discrete and indiscrete manors.


There should be three types in which information is handled through mixed reality:

  1. World News- Flash updates placed around an object of importance (ex. coffee cup). AI will filter an article and bring the main takeaways for faster consumption.
  2. News of Interest-  Information presented from sources (Reddit, Twitter, The Verge, etc.) that are in line with the users’ interest. Presented at appropriate timing and should relate with a physical totem.
  3. Personal gain- Gives the users an advantage in the physical world by extracting solutions from a wide range of digital sources.

Opening the Floodgate

I have a lot planned for Imagineality this year and I’ll be exploring various types of content. It’s an exciting time for the industry and were on the verge of something huge. In 2017, mixed reality can be compared to the beginning of the PC revolution in 1977.

That’s why in the coming weeks, I plan on opening up Imagineality to a limited number of designers, enthusiasts, and wizards who want to contribute their ideas to the future of the industry. Subscribe now to get on the list, and I’ll keep you updated.


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  1. Amazing work with the Mixed Reality concept pictures. Best out of any I have seen on the internet. Keep up the good work.

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