Future of Virtual Reality 2016-2026

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Virtual Reality Headsets of 2016

VR Today

VR headsets 10 years from now are going to make the ones of today look stone age. They have long way to go but currently, these are the benchmark standards for the top VR headsets in 2016:

  • 2k screen resolution
  • 15 Pixels per degree
  • 100-110° Field of View
  • 2 meters fixed focus
  • 90-120Hz Refresh rate

VR 2026

By the end of this 10-year time frame, there will be minimal differences between virtual reality and mixed reality hardware that they will collapse into one industry XR.

High tech XR glasses in 2026

This will be considered the golden age of XR. The form factor will be reduced to a slim pair of wireless glasses. This is where companies like apple (if they join the market) and magic leap can accel. Here are some speculative specifications you can expect on a pair of XR glasses 10 years from now:

  • 8k resolution see-through display
  • 50 Pixels per degree
  • 170-180° Field of View
  • Variable depth of focus 2m-50m
  • 240Hz Refresh rate

Dlodlo V1


One company working towards futuristic VR glasses is Dlodlo. They are developing fashionable and easy to wear virtual reality. The glasses connect either to your computer or to a small belt pack they are developing named the Dlodlo D1. Here are the specs for the Dlodlo V1:

  • 2k+ High screen resolution
  • 90 Hz Refresh fresh
  • 105° Field of View

For more details on the Dldolo V1 you can check it out here.

5 Year Prediction

Back in October, Michael Abrash took the stage at Oculus connect 3 to talk about his predictions for the future of VR. Instead of talking about gaming experiences, he focused on the technology in the headsets.

Source: UploadVR

Abrash predicts by 2021 VR headsets will have the following specs:

  • 4k screen resolution
  • 30 pixel per degree
  • 140° Field of View
  • 25cm to infinity depth of focus

You can check out the full article  on UploadVR for more technical details and some of his other intriguing predictions for the industry.

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  1. Love the term xr as it creates less confusion for the general public and its a stand alone term as an altering realty term rolled into one easy marketing group xr covers all .

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