The Future of Display Technology

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Augmented Reality

Currently, the future of display technology seems predictable. It’s no secret that TVs and computer monitors are becoming bigger and obtaining higher resolutions. This happens on an every other year basis. So one can generally forecast what a typical screen will look like in the near future. But there is a new development in display technology that could potentially disrupt this pattern.

Mixed Reality

MR is poised to introduce an entirely new category of display technology. A new technology that will be focused on not making displays bigger but making them smaller. So compact that they could fit inside a pair of eyeglasses.

Vector set of different glasses on white background. Retro, wayfarer, aviator, geek, hipster frames. Man eyeglasses silhouettes.

A display chip that would look like an ordinary see-through lens. Enabling it to be ultra lightweight and fill your field of vision with at least a dozen high-resolution screens. Technical details of the display chip are covered in The Ulitmate AR/MR device. Here is a vision for outlining the future of display technology.


  • Augmented Reality

No longer is the display locked in one place. These virtual screens are completely adaptive to your control. Each screen can be any size and virtually fit anywhere. They can intelligently follow you or have one placed in each room of the house.


In the future, some homes will no longer see the need to buy expensive Television sets. Fast changing technology makes them obsolete every 3 to 5 years anyways. The display chip will be far more power efficient and cost effective. Just as home telephones became obsolete to cell phones, the same will happen with MR replacing physical screens. This new display technology definitely has the potential to disrupt the $120 billion flat panel display market. It is likely that in 5+ years we will start to see that trend.

3D Webpages

The concepts above show screens that display 2D content for now. If true 3D ligthfield technology were to be integrated into the display chip then there needs to be a dramatic shift in web page design. For more insight into 3D web page design check out my recent post here.

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