3 Augmented Reality UI/UX Concepts

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a tool that digitizes a user’s view of the world. It will be the new UI/UX for everything. But currently, AR is stuck inside a rectangular box seen through a smartphone camera. Our perception of AR needs to go beyond the screen. Digital data now needs to be mapped to real world objects in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Ultimately benefiting the user in ways not thought possible.

Digital shortcuts

Augmented Reality should focus on providing overlays that are to the user advantage. Essentially a user experience set towards utility rather novelty.

A form of utility is digital shortcuts. For example, if a user looks at their tv remote, an option will appear to turn on their tv without even having to touch the remote. Or if their coffee starts running low, their Keurig can be alerted to make another cup. But keep in mind that if any of these tasks take longer (milliseconds) or feel less intuitive than people will choose to interface with the actual hardware instead.

The OS will have to move faster than you can think. This is going to put a heavy reliance on eye tracking, object recognition, speed algorithms and the Internet of things. These will become core technologies that will ultimately build the AR user experience.


Apps in AR are going to be different than how we interact with them on a smartphone. In fact, there should be minimal interaction at all.

Shazam, for example, should be running in the background. Once it detects a song it should automatically present the info as shown above. That way the user can focus on the music and be more “present”.

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