3D Mixed Reality Tabletop Gaming

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The dynamic world of mixed reality will revolution everything we know about gaming. It will lead to a whole new platform beyond the standard keyboard and monitor. Ushering a new era of gaming. The big titles such as Battlefield or Call of Duty are not ready to be ported into mixed reality. Massive online games such as those will take far more development time. For now, we need to look towards how we can revolutionize mobile gaming on platforms such as ios and android. One popular genre on mobile has been real-time strategy games. These games give players command of armies from a bird-eye view of the battlefield. Let’s briefly focus on how mixed reality can start to innovate this genre, and take it beyond the screen.

Starting off, instead of bird’s eye view the user can be provided with a 360° view where they can walk around the battlefield. In addition, the battlefield can be mapped and scaled onto a flat surface. Such as anything from a kitchen table to a school desk. Coupled with true three-dimensional graphics it will enhance game perception and increase situational awareness.

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Furthermore, the user’s ability to make real-time decisions will be even faster. Given that most mixed reality headsets will include eye tracking, gestural input within the game can be kept minimal. A user can simply sit back and watch the battle unfold. Look at a target they wish to destroy and their troops can be directed to make it happen.

Above all, a new level of presence is going to be achieved. These new tabletop games give players a chance to truly feel like a commander in chief. Games such as above are similar to the sci-fi holographic battlefields seen in movies such as Prometheus and Avatar.


Given these points, in order to run these games flawlessly, a lot heavy reliance is going to be put on sensory-ware. Such as real-time object tracking, hand gesture input, and complex eye tracking. The new frontier of mixed reality gives us the opportunity to not only dream bigger but to think spatially. Instead of having to design a map for a rectangular smartphone screen, our world can be the map.

What if we could move the battlefield from a tabletop to your own backyard. For instance, picture the mobile game World of Tanks Blitz. Take it to the next level, and imagine being able to command an entire fleet of full-size tanks across a massive field. Realistic explosions and firefighting happening all around you. A whole new category of gaming can be opened where players will literally join the battle. But for now, game developers should be focused on innovating one genre at a time in step to prove that MR is a superior gaming system.



One company that is currently dedicated to 3D Tabletop gaming is CastAR. They are developing a versatile 3D platform that uses mixed reality to create endless new types of playful experiences. They want to make it a really social experience for people around the table or the world to play castAR together.  They are actively looking for new developers to join their awesome community. More information can be found on their website.

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